Got Too Many Cans
On Your Hands?

Edlund Can Slice That Problem Down To Size.
The Model #625-JF Series can open any can found in professional kitchens, from 2 1/8" (54 mm) to 6 3/16" (157 mm) in diameter, and all models are CE Certified. All units have dual safety controls that ensure two-handed operation. The more sophisticated 625A-JF and 625ACT- JF models have micro-switches that activate protective covers to prevent use when doors are open. As an added safety feature, all models feature blades that eliminate the need for operator sharpening and will effectively open up to 500,000 cans before service is required.

Edlund's Model #625-JF Series of air powered crown punch can openers are constructed entirely of stainless steel and designed to open hundreds of cans quickly, safely and consistently, day after day. Edlund's adjustable height feature allows Model #625-JF Series can openers to remove lids from almost any sized can. Quick-change tooling options enable individual models to open cans of different sizes and custom tooling is available for unusual sized or shaped cans. All Model #625-JF Series openers are made in the USA.

Models: 625-JF, 625A-JF, 625M-JF, 625A-CT-JF, 625T-JF

Model 625-JF - #62500
Model 625A-JF - #62700
Model 625M-JF- #62400
Model 625A-CT-JF - #62783
Model 625T-JF - #62600
Model 625A-PP-JF - #62782

Model 625-JF - 48" X 20" X 27"
Model 625A -JF- 26" X 24" 27"
Model 625M-JF - 17" X 20" 27"
Model 625A-CT-JF - 48" X 37X 68
Model 625T-JF- 37 1/2" X 12" X 20"
Model 625A-PP-JF - 62" X 47" X 77"

Model 625-JF - 585 lbs./266 kgs.
Model 625A-JF - 260 lbs./117 kgs.
Model 625M-JF - 145 lbs./65.3 kgs.
Model 625A-CT-JF - 555 lbs./251 kgs.
Model 625T-JF - 160 lbs./72 kgs.
Model 625A-PP-JF - 585 lbs./266 kgs.

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