Edlund Can Save You Money
On Every Can You Open

As this chart describes, in a professional kitchen where one or two average-paid staff members spend approximately 2 hours each per day opening cans, Edlund Model #625-JF openers can pay for themselves in just 90 days!*

Model #625-JF Series -- Return on Investment

Edlund's Model #625-JF Crown Punch can openers not only make restaurant and foodservice kitchens more productive and cost-efficient, they contribute to operational safety, as well. Jagged metal edges are eliminated by the Edlund Model #625-JF's automated can-opening system and exclusive operator safety features offer protection against workplace can-opening injuries. Models #625M-JF, #625A-JF and #625A-CT-JF completely eliminate the need for operators to handle can lids.

Model # 625A-PP-JF Prison Package
  New From Edlund:
High-Powered Can-Opening With Full Mobility

Now, exclusively available from Edlund, two new Model #625-JF Series Mobile Can Opening Systems make it possible for end-users to open up to 10 cans per minute safely and easily anywhere in high-volume production facilities. This unprecedented flexibility aids productivity and fast transfer of canned foods to cooking equipment. Edlund's air-powered crown-punch design, built-in compressor, heavy-duty stainless steel construction and height adjustable casters help to ensure increased can-opening efficiency.

The new Model #625-JF Series Mobile Can Opening Systems have a compact footprint (30" x 45" x 59") to ensure full mobility in busy production areas. An open shelf design, without a compressor, is available, as is a full "lock-down" prison package with an automatic lid-collecting system. (#625A-PP-JF)
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