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8 May 2006
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John Frishman Forms J. Frishman Associates

Veteran sales and marketing executive returns in manufacturers' marketing consultant role to help factories build more productive relations with consultants and end-users.

    Pompano Beach, FL - John Frishman, most recently co-president of Servolift Eastern, has resumed activity in the foodservice equipment and suppliers industry with a new company and a revised business mission - To apply his decades of experience devising application-specific equipment solutions for operators and specifiers. To this end, Frishman formed J. Frishman Associates, Inc. (JFA), headquartered in Pompano Beach, FL, earlier this month and is now serving an initial roster of first-tier manufacturer-clients, such as Henny Penny, InterMetro, Edlund.

    "I think the reason JFA can add value for manufacturers, consultants, dealer-designers and end-users is that a need remains in our industry for a company that can provide a knowledge bridge between how operators actually produce their menus and how factories' equipment is really built, sold and performs," Frishman pointed out. "JFA has the ability to bring this insight to both sides of the sales equation, with the goal of raising satisfaction for end-users and increasing sales for our clients."

    Frishman noted that his firm will be particularly active building relationships for clients among specifying consultants and dealers, as well as noncommercial operators. Services JFA is now providing to its manufacturer-clients include strategic marketing plan development and sales campaigns targeted at new or under-served markets.

    JFA will also be looking to offer assistance to design consultants by working to align the interests of end-users and manufacturers, and helping to coordinate the most appropriate equipment selections based on operators' menus, applications and budgets. Frishman's new firm will further serve as an ally to dealers by providing product education on equipment features and benefits, and offering early identification of new sales opportunities in emerging markets. "I also expect JFA to become an asset for our factories' existing sales and marketing teams, as our entire focus will be on adding market share and profitable growth without prejudicing any existing relationships," Frishman stated.

    A member of the foodservice equipment and supplies industry since 1972 and current chair of the NAFEM Special Projects committee and a member of the NAFEM-FCSI Liaison committee, Frishman may be contacted at Ph: (617) 513-4511, Fax: (954) 943-8062, shamu@jfrishman.com or 740 S Federal Highway, #506, Pompano Beach, FL 33062.


740 South Federal Highway, #506, Pompano Beach, FL 33062
phone: (617) 513-4511 fax: (954) 943-8062 shamu@jfrishman.com